• April 8, 2024, 8:21 a.m.

The International Innovation University is waiting for you with the programs of your dreams in the new academic year!

International Innovation University

🌟the new academic year is waiting for you with the programs of your dreams! 🎓✨

🔹 Bachelor Programs:
- Economics: In-depth knowledge of various industries and sectors.
- Philology and Language Teaching: proficiency in Russian, English, Uzbek and German languages.
- Pedagogy: Basic skills in educating future generations.
- Information Systems and Technologies: Advanced approaches in the field of modern IT.
- Finance and Financial Technologies: New approaches to managing the financial world.
- Pedagogy and Psychology: Psychological foundations in education and upbringing.
- Accounting and Auditing: Essential aspects of financial reporting and auditing.
- Primary Education: New methods of educating young generations.
- History: In-depth study of world and national history.
- Special Pedagogy: Methods of teaching children with special needs.
- Mathematics and Informatics: Basic knowledge in digital technologies.
- Preschool Education: Modern methods in child development and education.
- Psychology: psychological support in various areas of human activity.
- Journalism: Professional skills in the field of media.
- Library and Information Activities: Management of information resources.
- Physical Education: Development of a healthy lifestyle and sports.
- Organization and management of urban construction and communal infrastructure: planning, implementation and management of modern infrastructure projects that play an important role in the sustainable development of cities and communities.
🔹 Master's Programs:
- Economics: In-depth research on various areas of economics.
- Linguistics: scientific studies in Russian, Uzbek and English languages.
- Pedagogy and Psychology: Advanced research in the field of education and training.

📌 For detailed information about the admission process, visit xiuedu.uz
📞 +99895 340 15 15,
📞 +99895 342 15 15

📍 Address: Karshi Shahar, Islam Karimov Street, 405 (old polytechnic building).

The International Innovation University has the best opportunities for your future!

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